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Telling it like it is was never so beautiful!

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The book cover of Beautiful News: Positive Trends, Uplifting Stats, Creative Solutions.

(Image courtesy of David McCandless)

Infographics master, author, entrepreneur and creative director, David McCandless, has a vision. His favorite way of sharing upbeat stories, in his own words, “Stuff we can’t always see because we’re fixated on the negativity of the news,”  is creating simple, colorful visuals, charts and concept maps that you’ll want to stare at!

These gorgeous, data-based visuals cut through data overload to get his meaningful good news soundbites across.  Beautiful News: Positive Trends, Uplifting Stats, Creative Solutions is his latest book. It has been published around the world in nine languages plus a Kindle edition.

A fresh take on the usual news diet that can inspire good action
A changemaker with a passion for  uplifting  visuals, McCandless’s own website, information is beautiful, describes the new book as “A stunning visual journey through the most amazing, beautiful and positive things happening in the modern world.”

McCandless sees optimism as a perfect route to the best kind of informed activism. As explained on Instagram: “The book was partly inspired by the feeling that optimism is a muscle. One that can be supported & strengthened by regular exercise and a diet of healthy information. If the news is fast food - tasty, moreish but unhealthy - then take this book as a beautiful salad. Full of fresh ideas and nutritious facts to revitalize your mind, strengthen your heart and give you something delicious to chew on.”

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Visuals that make stellar content speak
“A picture tells a thousand words” is an old adage that McCandless makes his own. His visuals highlight compelling global developments in a range of fields:  Ecology to spirituality, society to youth, and health to women’s issues are all topics for his signature approach.

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The author’s unique expression of good news has been welcomed by journalists impressed with the pared-down beauty of his visuals, and his focus on issues that matter now.  

Great timing!
Beautiful News is well timed to speak to us in this post-pandemic moment. It’s a world still confronted with disturbing events, but with a global population that can use stimulating updates showing the “broader positive trends and slower progressive movements” behind the bleak headlines, and the idea that each person can make a difference.

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Significantly, the information is beautiful website doesn’t shy away from exploring the flip side of the coin. For instance, its Information is Beautiful Blog offers graphics about topics of concern including the world’s biggest data breaches, diagrams summarizing the medical efficacy of nutritional supplements and superfoods, and the least as well as the most effective treatments for Coronavirus to date.

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