Meet the Computer Font That Can Save the Planet

Ryman Eco’s free to download characters use less 33% ink

Use less printer ink.


Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria, these are just some of the more typically used computer fonts that people select on a daily basis. But did you ever think that the type you choose could actually impact the environment?
It can and the result is Ryman Eco, a lettering that uses 33% less ink. To put that into context, it takes around 2.5 ounces of oil to manufacture a new inkjet cartridge, and more than a gallon of oil to manufacture a new toner cartridge. A joint collaboration between Grey London and Ryman Stationery, the creators state that their green typeface could save nearly 15 million barrels of oil - equivalent to 6.5 million tons of CO2 emissions a year. Dubbing themselves as the world’s most beautiful sustainable font, Ryman Eco is hoping that the trend will catch on and that the free to download characters will make a difference in minimizing computer users’ carbon footprint.  
Ryman Eco joins other computer-based initiatives like Ecosia, a green search engine that donates 80% of its income to a tree-planting program in Brazil, that are providing environmental added value to your time in front of the computer.

Learn more about Ryman Eco here:

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