Meet the Next Generation Chocolate!

It’s vegan with many more surprises in store.

Chocolate bar pieces in various flavors.

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Jimmy Donaldson, the philanthropically-minded creator of the famous MrBeast YouTube channel, recently launched his first health-conscious packaged food brand, Feastables. 

In January 2022, the brand launched its “MrBeast Bars'' chocolate bars with what has been called a “Willy Wonka-style” campaign, with more than $1 million in prizes. Ten winners will even be in with a chance of winning a chocolate factory. Yes, a chocolate factory!

Ambassador for a health-conscious generation!
These newly-launched chocolate bars check multiple health boxes! They are vegan, gluten-free, and made with high-quality organic ingredients. The names of two of the three flavor options now available: Chocolate, Almond Chocolate and Quinoa Crunch underline the brand’s health-conscious slant.

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As someone who suffers from Crohn’s disease, says Fast Company, Donaldson wanted to create a product that was healthy, delicious and met his dietary requirements. And of course, he also wanted to have fun with it.

The man behind the camera
Donaldson was a regular 13-year-old from North Carolina when he decided to upload his first YouTube video in 2012. For the first few years he created mostly Minecraft videos and videos about YouTube drama, which didn’t bring him much of a following. He persisted, however, uploading videos consistently, and according to Business Insider, by mid 2016 he hit 30,000 YouTube subscribers. Today, he has tens of millions. 

The YouTube celebrity dropped out of college to dedicate himself fully to YouTube. And dedicate himself he did the stunts and unconventional things he did to gain followers on his channel includeed things such as spinning a fidget spinner for 24 hours straight or watching a music video nonstop for 10 hours. Eventually the YouTube algorithm was in his favor, and by November 2017 he hit one million subscribers. 

Leveraging his platform for business and kindness
A true entrepreneur at heart, MrBeast has recently taken to creating brands and selling that surpass the classic influencer merchandise offer. A year ago, Donaldson launched a restaurant concept called MrBeast Burger, which sold a whopping one million burgers in the first three months. With numbers like these, it seems reasonable to expect his new chocolate bars to be a huge success as well, and according to Better Marketing, his lucrative businesses keep growing exponentially. 

But MrBeast uses his platform not only for entertaining his followers, but also for doing good. He is well known for his philanthropic efforts, which include giving millions to charity, raising money to plant trees, donating cars and adopting dogs from a dog shelter. And what is his “why”? “I give money because it makes me happy,” he writes on his YouTube channel page.

It seems like Donaldson is doing it all. Whether he is creating engaging content for his subscribers or giving to charity, MrBeast is definitely changing the way products are marketed and customers are treated. The extravagant campaign for his chocolate bars is just one of the ways we can see how powerful dedication and determination can be. Anything can be possible when we put our hearts and minds into it.

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