Meet the Singer Who’s Giving a Voice to People Who Can’t Sing

Good Doer Profile: Carla Bianco has been a successful singer for over 25 years, and now she’s using her voice to help others.


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Since the age of 10, singer, actress and songwriter, Carla Bianco has been writing songs that embody a similar theme – overcoming challenges, getting past obstacles, believing. Now, Carla is using her voice to tell the stories of people who are overcoming their own obstacles – people that, for whatever reason, can’t tell their story themselves.

The idea for the Give Voice Project began at church one Sunday. While the choir sang, Carla heard a voice above everyone else’s struggling to form words and sing. When she turned around, she didn’t see a young man who was deaf and mute and confined to a wheelchair – she saw a deep love for music.  

This moment sparked something in Carla – that there were likely so many people out there with a story, but without the means to share it. The same day, she sat down and wrote “Broken & Blessed” - a song giving voice to the young man, saying what he might say if he could.

She didn’t stop there. Inspired by those in the world whose “stories are still untold and whose lives need to be expressed,” Carla went on to write “Through the Spectrum” – a song through the eyes of a young boy with autism. Her album, Give Voice, was released in December, 2015 and is a collection of similar songs that speak on behalf of those who cannot. All the proceeds from record sales are being donated to a charity connected with each song.

Writing and performing music is not something new for Carla. She began performing at age four, writing music at age 10, and by the time she was in college, she landed a publishing deal with the same producer as Madonna and released her first single, “Not This Time” on Atlantic Records. Carla has written music alongside the greats, including Reggie Lucas, she’s performed on Broadway Musicals, started her own record label, founded a performing arts school – and all while raising a family. So what motivated Carla to start the Give Voice Project? Carla told Goodnet, “I truly believe that each of us has a divine calling, a purpose that we are to fulfill.  And when we commit to fulfilling that purpose no matter what it takes, we do our part to make the world a better place.”

Carla hopes that by giving a voice to those who have none, she will inspire others. She says, “I think hearing these songs can be a source of inspiration for others facing the same challenges and serve as a reminder to look outside ourselves to others in need.”

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