Meet the Sports Star Who's Creating a World of Understanding and Kindness

The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation is committed to putting an end to bullying and homophobia


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When British rugby World Champion Ben Cohen retired from the sport in 2011, he didn't go down the usual route of becoming a trainer or manager. Instead, he focused most of his time and effort into the Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation - the world's first anti-bullying foundation.
As well as raising awareness of the damaging effects of bullying and homophobia, Ben also gathers funds to support organizations that do similar work. The end goal is to help connect communities and create a world of understanding and kindness. In order to help make that happen, StandUp branded merchandise is available on the website and all profits go to helping people who are affected by bullying.
The foundation is part of the LGBT Sports Coalition, which is an association of organizations and individuals committed to ending anti-LGBT bias in sports.

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