Meet a Talented 9-Year-Old Fashion Designer!

Third-grader Kaia has already charmed a high-profile designer with the clothing she creates.

Cute girls drafting sewing patterns for dressmaking.

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Not many kids really know what they want to do when they grow up. But for nine-year-old Kaia, there are no doubts. And she’s already turning her dream into reality thanks to her outstanding talent as a fashion designer.

The third-grader from Colorado has become a Tik Tok sensation with more than 600k followers. Kaia’s mother, Tonya Aragon, celebrates her daughter's talent through her account by showing the trendy clothes that Kaia designs and sews herself. She's already created over 30 pieces that are part of the "Kaia Rae Design" collection, American news outlet Today details.

On a fashion mission!
The young designer told Insider that she's always been drawn to one-of-a-kind outfits, even before she started creating them for herself. "Whenever I could get myself dressed, I would always pick out outfits that would stand out or make a statement," she said. 

Kaia started to sew when she was just five years old and it was her mother who taught her the basics. Two years ago she received her first sewing machine as a present, and that’s when the young girl began to show her true talent.

"Her skills and her ideas are quickly surpassing what I'm able to do," Tonya told Insider. Although she admits her own skills were limited, now she watches YouTube tutorials to learn the necessary skills and techniques that will help Kaia improve her designs.

More on Kaia’s creative process
There was a time when, for several weeks, the young designer made a new piece every single day. Though things have slowed down since then, Kaia tries to use the spare time she has to create new designs, Today points out.

Kaia usually starts the creative process with fabrics she likes. "All the fabrics I pick are soft and stretchy. If there's a fabric that I think is pretty but it's not comfortable, then I won't get it. It's just based on the feel and then the looks," she told Insider. 

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The girl’s creations have even attracted the attention of famous designer Vera Wang who saw one of Kaia’s videos on Tik Tok and commented “Love <3”. She even sent the talented kid a sewing machine, a backpack, and a personalized note that said: "Dearest Kaia, So excited to see you are already pursuing your dream of becoming a fashion designer! Congratulations and all good luck. Love Vera."

Although Kaia admitted that at first, she didn’t know who Vera Wang was, she was “freaking out” once she looked up the designer and found out how important she is.

Kaia hopes to have her own fashion business one day, and considering the attention she’s enjoying from the online community and the media, she’s certainly on the right path towards making her dream come true.

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