Michael Jordan Donates Proceeds from ‘Last Dance’ to Feed the Hungry

The funds were used by Feeding America just before Thanksgiving.

Dec 4, 2020


Michael Jordan Donates Proceeds from ‘Last Dance’ to Feed the Hungry | The funds were used by Feeding America just before Thanksgiving.

Michael Jordan is best known for basketball and his years playing for the Chicago Bills. This sports icon’s life was featured in "The Last Dance" documentary that aired on ESPN in April, 2020, and focused on the 1997-1998 season when Jordan led the Bulls to the last of six titles according to a press release from the NBA.

Now Jordan will also be none for his philanthropy too, as he donated $2 million of the proceeds of the documentary to feed hungry people impacted by the coronavirus pandemic just before Thanksgiving. The funds were donated to Feeding America, the largest charitable food assistance network in the US.

“In these challenging times and in a year of unimaginable difficulty due to COVID-19, it's more important than ever to pause and give thanks," Jordan said in a tweet  shared by nonprofit Feeding America. "I am proud to be donating additional proceeds from The Last Dance to Feeding America and its member food banks in the Carolinas and Chicago to help feed America's hungry.”

The timing of the gift could not have been better because Feeding  America had warned earlier in November 2020, that more than 54 million Americans were facing food insecurity according to CBS Sports. That’s an astounding 16 percent of the population, making 1-in-6 Americans unable to purchase food in the world’s breadbasket.

“What we've seen has been, unfortunately, a steady level of greatly, significantly increased need since the pandemic started," Katie Fitzgerald, Feeding America’s  CEO told CBS. "About 40 percent of the people who are showing up for food distributions have never before had to rely on charitable food assistance.”

Since Jordan became the majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets, the team has given over $3 million to causes relating to hunger, wellness, and education as of the beginning of 2019. They are still giving. In fact, the NBA has been scoring big by helping out during the pandemic according to USA TODAY.

Even though basketball was suspended for most of the season due to the pandemic, the league found ways to help through NBA Cares including players making public service announcements, donating money to help out-of-work arena employees, and helping kids stay active.

“There’s no group of people who can contribute as much as our players can in terms of getting the message out,” NBA president of social responsibility and player programs Kathy Behrens told USA TODAY. “Obviously, the people on the front lines, the health-care workers, the people who are essential employees who are going in every day, that’s a whole other level of sacrifice.

The NBA and WNBA, along with the players pledged over $50 million to help with Coronavirus relief. "This is a time of great sacrifice and everybody can do something," Behrens said. "We’re no different in trying to figure out how we use our platform and reach and how can we be helpful in a world that needs a lot of help."

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