Miniature Gardens: An Enchanting Home Trend

Add a little magic to your home, connect with nature and boost your creativity by crafting your own tiny living garden.

May 28, 2020


Miniature Gardens: An Enchanting Home Trend | Add a little magic to your home, connect with nature and boost your creativity by crafting your own tiny living garden.

As kids, we loved to create little worlds of our own with whatever materials we had. So, even when for some, miniature gardens (tiny living gardens mixing miniscule trees and shrubs with small-leaved perennials and groundcovers) might just be a decorative thing, the growing fascination in them probably has a much deeper root. This is the childlike magic that arises from creating something new with the elements of nature, combined with the pleasure of adding beauty, charm and warmth to our beloved homes. 

It is not surprising that this emerging trend is flooding Pinterest boards as well as home decor and garden magazines in days like these, when the personal value of our houses is resignified and our homes become, more than ever, sanctuaries that keep us protected. And this is a perspective that will remain deeply rooted long after the transience of this particular moment has passed.

Is time, space or money limited? That’s not an issue, because these wonderful gardens that enliven our indoor or outdoor living spaces can be as little as a teacup, literally! The possibilities are endless: a planter, a wooden box, a basket, a bucket, a terrarium and even a broken pot can work. No matter the shape, material or size of the setting, each is one to start creating in!

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Many of the pieces include fairy themes. And it’s not difficult to guess why this enchanted theme holds this kind of allure: these mythological creatures were a symbol of the feminine magical force, and were believed to be the guardians of nature, forests, rivers and springs. The renewed interest in protecting the health of our planet, the sustainable perspectives gaining more and more followers, and the search for simpler lives more connected to nature, are also driving this trend.

There are many benefits to making a miniature garden of your own. First of all it's fun; it's like a game or puzzle where all the pieces need to fit perfectly together. At the same time, this boosts creativity, which is all about combining existing elements in completely new ways. And that’s why it’s a great activity to do with kids

You also develop new skills creating a miniature garden because, like any other manual work, building these miniature worlds helps us develop physical capabilities, while boosting patience and our ability to focus.

This is therapeutic too; the moments of concentration necessary to create any handicraft improve mental and emotional wellbeing. Craftsy activities lead us to a state of mindfulness. This is because being engrossed in what we’re creating gives us a break from thoughts about the future and the past that tend to occupy our minds. We learn to be in the present; to appreciate what is happening in the here and now. We therefore derive enjoyment from the process itself, not just the final result.

And as if all the above benefits weren’t enough, the use of mostly natural elements in the creation of these amazing pieces makes them highly sustainable and eco-friendly, generating a positive impact on the environment.

Now that you know the countless benefits of making your own miniature garden, here’s another easy tutorial to inspire you and get you started on creating your own little universe!

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