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Swapaskill - an online community for users to share their expertise with others

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This plumber skill shares.

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Learning a new language or improving your photography skills usually entails enlisting the help a professional or parting with cash in some form or another. That's not the case when learning a new skill through Swapaskill - an online community of giving and sharing where people swap favors for free. Users can create a profile explaining what they have to offer and how that translates into practical help. For example, someone who is a talented cook could help with a variety of different favors such as catered dinner parties, cooking lessons and freshly made meals. As well as lending a hand by offering their services, users can also see what others can do for them on the spot by using the searchable database. Swapaskill is more than simply a platform for sharing skills, it's a global community that connects people who want to help others and makes them feel valued in return.

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