Can Movies Inspire You to Do Good? This Website Proves They Sure Can

Eflixir is building a community of film lovers who want to change the world

Feb 13, 2014


Sometimes there's nothing better than a good movie that not only entertains, but also inspires. The team at Eflixir understands this, which is why they've curated thousands of uplifting movies all in one place for your viewing pleasure.
Knowing the power that a great movie can have, Eflixir uses the platform to raise awareness about hundreds of amazing causes to invest all your inspirational energy into, such as Free The Children. Each film featured on the site - whether it be a Comedy, Drama or Fantasy - has a list of amazing organizations that are thematically related to it for when you're done watching and feeling in the mood to give back to society.
When watching a film through Eflixir, a portion of the proceeds are donated to one of the social action campaigns - so you can get involved from the comfort of your living room.
The new site also features a community space in which members can discuss topics ranging from the films they've viewed to helping others.

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