Neighborday: A Little Face Time With the Folks Around You

The perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors - and borrow that cup of sugar.


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Online interactions seem to be the chosen method of communication these days, but not so on April 30 - it’s Neighborday! Every April for the last six years, GOOD hosts Neighborday as a way to build new, authentic connections with the community outside your front door - face-to-face.

Roughly 60 percent of Americans don't know their neighbors, according to Pew Research, which is why the social network dedicated to positive change has designated a day to meet the people with whom you share walls and fences. Neighbors can sign up online to host a barbecue, a street clean-up, a block party, or other neighborly festivities.  

There are also plenty of other ways to nurture a sense of community, sans cheesy name tags. Host a yard sale, liven up a vacant lot, starts a community garden, or organize a free sidewalk book swap - the point is to collapse the space between you and the people with whom you share a zip code.

While Neighorday is just that - one, single day - it’s the  idea behindNeighborday that’s meant to be celebrated every day of the year. The idea that community counts and connection is key.

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