New Dolls Spread Love and Positivity

Building self-esteem while playing.

Oct 26, 2021
New Dolls Spread Love and Positivity | Building self-esteem while playing.

Children have been playing with dolls since ancient times and the oldest known doll is amazingly over 4,000 years old. Playing with dolls, and all toys of course, is an important part of growing up and helps kids learn about their own identities and where they fit in the world.

That’s why many people have been critical about fashion dolls that teach girls that they have to be as thin as the classic Barbie; a much beloved toy that has in recent years added more naturally shaped dolls to their line. Now, For Keeps, a new line of fashion dolls from California’s toy company The Loyal Subjects is taking it one step further.

Playing with For Keeps Dolls Promotes Self Esteem
For Keeps dolls all have positive messages according to the company. The 5.5” dolls promote acceptance, love, and self-empowerment through the use of positive messages.

The dolls were actually inspired by parents who were concerned with the negative impact of social media on kids’ perceptions of gender stereotypes and self-worth. The Loyal Subjects founder Jonathan Carey listened to their concerns and set out to create a toy that promote positivity through affirmations that build confidence and self-esteem. This resulted in the For Keeps dolls.

Each character has a special message that include: “You Are Awesome”, “You Can Do It”, and “You Are Brave”.  The seven dolls – London, Paris, Emma, Mia, Sophia, Bella, and Ella –  all have a different gender-neutral occupation like a journalist, vet, or film maker. The dolls come in a variety of skin tones, hair colors, and all have their own personal style according to a review in Toy Insider.

All of the dolls come with various accessories, a plastic cupcake and 20 stickers with each doll’s specific affirmation to share with friends and family. After all, these positive messages are worth sharing.

Girls need positive models
While the For keeps line consist of all female gendered dolls, some businesses are trying to do away with gender stereotypes completely. In fact, California recently enacted a law that requires large stores to create gender-neutral toy sections, according to Morning Brew.

Some large retailers have already done away with gender signage and isles including Toys R Us and Target. After all, why should girls be steered to play with makeup and boys to STEM activities like erector sets.

Toy manufacturers have also caught on and have begun to make non gnedered toys, like genderless dolls, and the genderless Potato Head family that allows children to construct families that best resemble their own. Now, LEGO has joined the group.

Playing with non gendered toys allows girls to understand that they too can do anything. Playing with toys that show them that they are awesome and loved gives girls the self-confidence to be the best they can be, Empowered girls can grow up to be leaders and help shape the world they live in.

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