New Flying Ferry Could Revolutionize Water Travel

World’s first high-speed, electric, zero-emissions ferry.

New Flying Ferry Could Revolutionize Water Travel | World’s first high-speed, electric, zero-emissions ferry.

In September 2022, maritime technology company Artemis Technologies, unveiled a new type of water vessel. The Artemis E-24 is the world’s first high-speed, electric, zero-emissions ferry. Currently, the only way to get from Belfast, Northern Ireland to Bangor, Wales without getting on a plane, is to take a bus or train to Dublin, Ireland and to get on a ferry there. However, as Euro News reports that could all change as early as 2024. 

An Olympic Medalist
The first Artemis E-24 is expected to set sail on a route between Belfast and Bangor as early as 2024. But actually the road to its creation began nearly 20 years ago, in 2005, when Olympic medalist, Dr. Iain Percy, joined the Artemis Racing sailing team. According to The Irish World, the Artemis ferry uses the same hydrofoil technology that the Artemis Racing America’s Cup racing yachts did.

It is this technology that lifts the boat out of the water as it picks up speed, much like an airplane’s wings, that make it seem as if it is flying. Beyond the coolness factor the reasons for using the hydrofoil technology are also practical. According to Euro News, raising the hull above the water, and reducing drag leads to up to a 85 percent reduction in fuel costs. Likewise, Cities Today reports that the reduced drag also minimizes the impact that running the ship has on shorelines. Reduced drag means lower waves. 

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Beyond Environmental Benefits
The environmental benefits of a transportation technology that is high speed, electric, zero-emissions, and cost-effective is obvious to all. However, it also has practical benefits.

As Dr. Percy told The Irish World, “Especially where new infrastructure is required like a new road or rail line, this ferry will not only be the cheapest, but also the fastest and least disruptive way to decarbonise transport networks in water-based cities”.

In addition, not only will the ferry get commuters to where they are going in 25 minutes, according to Euro News, The Irish World also emphasizes that the hope is that this new initiative will bring more than 1,000 new jobs into the Belfast area over the next few years. 

The Artemis Ferry is a testament to the fact that new and creative technologies can make huge impacts, not only for the world and the environment, but for the local economies that produce them.

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