A New Musical Instrument That Anyone Can Play

Skoog’s colorful cube makes music accessible to everyone - including children with special needs.


(Blan-k / Shutterstock.com)

Inside us all is a musician waiting to get out - but learning to play a musical instrument can take years, as well as being tricky and time consuming. And that’s to say nothing of the barriers of age, disability and access to education. Shaped like a toddler’s play cube, Skoog solves the issue in one fell swoop, making music - and the act of making it - accessible to everyone.
The first version of Skoog was invented by a team based at Edinburgh University for children with special needs like autism, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome and visual impairment. Now though, it’s getting even better. Skoog is currently raising funds on Indiegogo for a version 2.0, geared towards aspiring musicians, parents, teachers, music therapists and audio engineers alike.
Playing Skoog is simple: by tapping, squeezing, stroking and twisting the colorful, malleable cube, anyone becomes a musician, making tunes out of sounds preloaded from a computer. Skoog’s bespoke software programs every inch of the instrument, and a sensor inside detects movement, paving the way for boundless bursts of tactile self expression.
This ‘Skoog Jams’ playlist showcases a few of the varied and original possibilities - from classical to rock to totally out there electronica. Rock on!

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