The Phone That's Meant to Be Used as Little as Possible

Light Phone is a credit card-sized cell phone that strips a telephone to its bare essentials, allowing users to step out of the digital zone and into the world.


Thin smartphone.

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Most people don’t leave the house without their smartphones - and when they do, they spend hours of their day scrolling, texting and checking the latest buzz on their tiny screens. In response to all the pings, dings and rings that have become part of our modern day soundtrack, Light Phone is a new creation that is interested in stripping down a telephone to its bare essentials – and curbing the increasing dependency on smartphones. The size of a credit card, Light Phone connects through a smartphone app and works using a pre-paid SIM card, forwarding only the calls that the user wants to receive. The device has a simple clock, a touch pad for entering numbers and 20 days of battery life.
Currently raising money on Kickstarter, Light Phone is part of a new wave of simple technology that is focused on encouraging human interaction and reducing the growing reliance on high tech gadgetry. Light Phone is the brainchild of Joe Hollier and Kawei Tang who see their invention as part of the existing tech milieu - serving as a medium to still be in touch, but with a telephone that should be used as little as possible.

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