New Product Promises Clean Sheets with Less Washing

Your laundry list is now reduced!

A man is asleep in bed with new innovative bedding.

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After a long day, laying your head down on a pillow and dozing off into a place of rest and rejuvenation is a pleasure. As you spend so much time in bed, it is best to change sheets as if they were a set of freshly laundered clothes. Now, thanks to a new eco technology that cleans your sheets while they are on the bed, you need not change them so often, and can spend more time resting!     

A Danish company called Nordifakt is releasing a new and exciting product line called Christianshavn. Their self-disinfecting bedsheets are self-cleaning as they are treated with a sustainable material called Polygiene® that kills microorganisms instantly, according to Intelligent Living. This recycled silver salt acts as a natural disinfectant, breaking down germs and preventing odor and mold from growing on the sheets.

According to the Nordifakt crowdfunding campaign, having clean bedsheets is more important than most realize. Since people live 75 years on average, they spend 25 of those years asleep and while sleeping, their heads rest on millions of dust mites and bacteria, breathing them in all night. This can cause asthma and allergies.

The company refers to the bed as a “bus stop,” picking up germs and bacteria from skin, sweat, pets, kids, and food. The bacteria then serve as food for dust mites, so less dirt means less mites. However, on average, people only change their sheets once a month, while single men wash their bedding four times a year!

To kill dust mites, you should be washing sheets and blankets in hot water once a week, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pillowcases should be washed once a week, duvet covers every two weeks, and comforters every two months.

With this new eco technology, you need not worry about doing laundry so often. The self-disinfecting sheets are made from 100 percent cotton percale and are treated with the silver salt after they are produced. The silver is safe for your skin and, according to Nordifakt, it stays on the product for its entire life cycle. Silver chloride is naturally found in water and soil and is well known as an antimicrobial, having been used by NASA to purify water in space.

The company already manufactures antibacterial dish towels and bath towels, so the sheets are a natural addition. Nordifakt’s towels are making such a positive impact on the environment, the company claims they can save each person 2,000 kg of CO2 a year, the equivalent of a flight from London to Berlin!

And now, these antibacterial bedsheets will enable people to positively impact the environment even more. Nordifakt states that you will be able to cut back on your bedding laundry by 90 percent, and when you put those sheets in the cold wash, you save energy. Enjoy the benefits of eliminating dust mites, saving electricity, water, and your precious time. This product shows that it will all come out in the wash!

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