New Sneakers Become More Colorful After Wearing

These shoes are designed to be worn down.

Aug 26, 2022
New Sneakers Become More Colorful After Wearing | These shoes are designed to be worn down.

Sneakers have always been popular beyond their use in sports. That’s because the shoes are comfortable and people wear them just about anywhere. At least until they start to look grungy. Now a company is making sneakers that will never look worn out. 

The sports shoes are the brainchild of Tonight Show host, and noted sneaker fan, Jimmy Fallon and the streetwear brand, MSCHF. These Gobstomper skating sneakers are designed to reveal layers of color as you wear them. The more you wear the sneakers, the more colorful and unique the shoes become.

Named for a Candy
According to the Independent, the shoe was named for the Gobstopper candy which reveals different layers of color the longer you lick it. It’s an appropriately whimsical name for a shoe designed by Jimmy Fallon and a company that takes so much pride in its mischievousness, that it calls itself MSCHF.

The sneakers, which are made for skating (ironically enough, since according to Fast Company, Fallon cannot skate), start out a plain beigish gray. As the shoes wear down, the layers of blue, yellow, and red are revealed in patterns determined by the wear and tear. You can see this in the YouTube video from Hes Kicks.

Sneakers for People to Wear
Daniel Greenberg, the co-founder and chief revenue officer of MSCHF, explains the philosophy behind the sneakers to Fast Company. “Something that we say a lot is that we make sneakers for people to wear,” he says. “We want you to beat it up. We want you to wreck it, scuff it, destroy it. And that completely adds to it. If you keep it clean, it’s still a fine skate shoe, but then it’s just going to be a gray skate shoe.”

So if you’re the type of person who loves things that change color, these are the sneakers for you. But this footwear isn't cheap, according to the company website. On the other hand, these are shoes that you can wear for a long time. Scuffing only adds to the shoes' appeal. 

The Gobstomper shoe is a testament to creative thinking. It takes a special kind of mind to take a negative characteristic the tendency for sneakers to get scuffed  – and turn it into something colorful and unique for people to enjoy. It is also a general reminder that just because something has become a little worn down, it doesn’t mean it’s useless, or even ugly. There is beauty in the breakdown.

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