The New Wave of Bicycle Machines

The social enterprise Bici-Tec is leading the way to helping rural communities through pedal-powered technology.

Jan 6, 2015
Bicycle water pump

The bici-water pump can draw 10 gallons of water/minute from a well up to 30 meters deep. [Screenshot]

When bicycle meets machine, sparks fly. Introducing Bici-Tec, the social enterprise that merges bikes with technology to aid rural development in Guatemala and around the world. The brainchild of Carlos Marroquin, Bici-Tec has created innovations such as water pumps, corn degrainers and coffee pulp removers, which replace time-consuming, manual tasks. As a result, farmers can produce more and save time, using machinery that is clean and green.
Looking to branch out and share this knowledge, Marroquin recently founded the School of Appropriate Bici-Technology that teaches the ins and outs of bicycle machinery. His six-week course invites local Guatemalans and folks from abroad to learn the practical and theoretical aspects of building machines from bikes, including full access to Bici-Tec’s own bicycle repair shop.
This new wave of pedal-powered technology is a green and cost-effective way to give a boost to rural communities - hopefully we will be seeing even more bicycle machines in years to come.

See the bicycle machines in action, here:

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