A New Way for the Blind to See Photographs [VIDEO]

This touching video shows how five blind individuals’ memories are recreated with the help of a 3D printer.

Oct 28, 2014

Looking through old photographs stirs up memories, taking you back to the moment in which the experience was captured.  But what if you cannot see? This moving video delves into the lives of five blind individuals, and recreates their most poignant memories in a way that they can visualize.
Daniela describes memories like dreams saying, “It’s almost like a gust of wind, it’s there and it’s gone, but you can have it forever.”  For sight-impaired people, touching a flat photograph does not transmit the color or encapsulate the scene of the photo, even if they have a loved one who can describe all the details. With a mix of technology and creativity, all five participants in the social experiment had the opportunity to see their most cherished memory, as it came to life via the Buccaneer 3D printer. Yassine’s father throwing him up in the air became real when he received a recreated 3D figure of the photo that he could see with his hands. The musician Mario was finally able to envisage the cover of his album, designed specifically for him by a dear friend who put a lot of thought into every detail.
The emotional impact of the 3D photographs opens a new world of possibility, recreating treasured memories that could actually be seen. 

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