The New York Restaurant Without a Cash Register

Masbia: a new style of soup kitchen

Jan 2, 2014


The New York Restaurant Without a Cash Register | Masbia: a new style of soup kitchen

Dignity is often a faraway fantasy for the hungry - with more urgent concerns taking a front seat. The dedicated crew at Masbia soup kitchens in New York is working hard to flip that around, describing their establishments as "restaurants without the cash register." Co-founder Alexander Rapaport strongly believes that soup kitchens don't need to look like soup kitchens. Instead, the network aims to create a warmth in their centers that helps the needy beyond the food. Which - by the way - is as healthy and natural as possible.

Inspired to pitch in? There's a bunch of ways to help out, from donating money, food or equipment to volunteering at one of the centers or running a fundraising event. One thing's for sure - the patrons at Masbia soup kitchens leave feeling respected and dignified, with a smile and a full stomach.

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