Good News: Norway Just Hit a Major Milestone in Going Green

All roads lead to a green future

Mar 7, 2017
Good News: Norway Just Hit a Major Milestone in Going Green | All roads lead to a green future

Norway has fantastic news for environmentally conscious people all over the globe. On March 6, 2017, the Nordic country’s Climate and Environment Minister said that in the first two months of the new year electric or hybrid cars made up a little over 50 percent of all new vehicle registrations in Norway. While 2017 is still young, these numbers represent an important milestone on Norway’s road to an entirely electric car fleet.

Just last December, Norway registered its 100,000th electric car and people interested making the move to traveling green are getting a lot of government support. Electric vehicles are exempt from almost all taxes and their owners get to enjoy free access to toll roads, ferries, and parking at public car parks, and can even drive in lanes reserved for public transportation.

Norway is very close to achieving its ambitious goal set in 2012 of cutting carbon dioxide emissions of new vehicles to 85 grams per kilometer by 2020 and currently stands at 88 grams — compared to 133 grams five years ago.

By the end of 2016, the tiny country of 5.2 million had the fifth-largest fleet of electric vehicles worldwide and is on a great path to proving how the right mindset and policies can bring about fast and positive change.

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