Norway Just Took the Lead in Creating Zero Emission Sea Zones

Reducing gas emissions calls for all hands on deck

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Norway is ranked one of the world’s happiest countries, and one of the ways they’re planning on keeping their residents happy and healthy is by making the planet a better place, starting with reducing greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping and on land through several other initiatives. The Scandinavian country wants everyone to live safer lives, free of harmful toxins, a motivation for holding their place as a world leader in electric car ferry development and usage.

Their commitment to lessening harmful emissions proved strong when they created the “world’s first zero-emissions zones at sea.” Norway’s fjords offer some of the most spectacular views and nature the country has to offer.

By reducing emissions from ferries and large cruise ships altogether by 2026, they’re ensuring all 1,190 of their beautiful fjords stay intact for future generations to enjoy. As a bonus, their plan will help the climate, tourism, local population, and the environment prosper.

Marius Holm, head of environmental foundation ZERO, said that this is the first time in history that a nation is enacting an emission-free policy in fjords and harbors. “Norway has long been a world leader in emission-free ferries based on sound political decisions on zero-emission requirements. Now the country is taking a step further in the maritime green shift that has global repercussions."

"At the national level, this will mean a welcome development towards emission-free solutions on many tourist ships, a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and a halt to harmful local air pollution,” Holm said.

The decision won’t only impact Norwegians. CEO of NCE Maritime CleanTech, Hege Økland believes their decision has set an example for the rest of the global economy. “Norway has become a world-leading maritime supplier of low- and zero-emissions solutions,” Økland said.

The CEO added that Norway’s position as a leader in the zero-emissions space allows the country’s business sectors to focus on creating sustainable solutions for the rest of the world.

It’s a strong possibility that in a few short years, Norway will operate emissions-free ships and ferries around their world heritage sites, setting an enormous example for nations around the world to invest in green technology, as well as their citizens’ futures.

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