Now Soccer Fans Can Drink Their Coffee and Eat the Cups!

Edible coffee cups could be the hottest trend.


Coffee served in an edible cup.

(Courtesy of BioBrite)

Soccer season is underway and that means fans in the stands and in the concession booths too.  At Manchester city’s Etihad  Stadium, soccer– or football as it is called – enthusiasts can now drink their coffee and eat the cup.

Beginning in late August, the English premier League football club started a trial using coffee cups that are made of wafers and keep their form when filled with hot beverages like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, according to Fast Company.

The wafer cups are made of seven vegan ingredients and there are no sugar, wax, or artificial coatings). The cups should stay crispy for around 45 minutes and leak-proof for up to 12 hours. And they taste just like a cookie wafer.

The cups are distributed by BioBrite, a Scottish company that was started two-years ago by University of Aberdeen students, Samuel Hvizd and Lyubomir Lambrev. They told Fast Company that they wanted to create an all-natural and organic alternative to single-use plastics and papers.

The company already supplies restaurants and bakeries with edible products that can hold soups, and cold foods like frozen yogurt and ice cream.  And what better way than giving people a cup that can be consumed after the food or beverage is gone. For those who don’t want to eat their cups, they are also fully compostable.

In the UK, according to LondonEnergy, there are almost 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups thrown away  every year. The best part about the edible cups is that people won’t be throwing them in the trash.

The trial  is part of the club’s commitment to eliminate all single-use plastics and improve its carbon footprint according to the Green Sports Alliance organization. Other beverages will be served in an aqueous paper cup. These cups will be collected throughout the stadium  in collection points. The new cups will also be trialed outside of the stadium in city square  and by the west entrance.

Manchester City announced in a press release that they are the first Premier League to offer edible cups saying: “This fantastic and innovative solution provides an amazing solution to waste; just eat your cup! Here’s raising a coffee cup to the great example the club is setting and hoping that other stadiums and sporting arenas follow suit.

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