We Can Actually Make Food out of Thin Air Now

This new protein source could feed billions of people!

Aug 24, 2019
We Can Actually Make Food out of Thin Air Now | This new protein source could feed billions of people!

The old saying that you can't get something from nothing has just been turned on its head. Now, you can get food made from thin air according to Finnish tech company Solar Foods.

The food is a new protein powder Solein that is made out of CO2, water, and renewable electricity. According to Solar Foods, it is a natural protein source made from a natural fermentation process that is suitable for varied diets and can be used in all food products and types, sort of like Manna from biblical times which was supposed to be able to be cooked or baked into many forms.

Solein also came from the heavens or at least the concept for it was based on a concept from NASA ad since it is made from controlled conditions, independent from weather and irrigation, it can be produced anywhere on earth and even in space. According to a World Economic Forum (WEF) news release, Solar Foods is working with the European Space Agency to develop foods for off-planet manufacturing and consumption

The company said that the protein powder contains 50 percent protein content, only 5-10 percent food, and 20-25 percent carbs. They expect to launch the new product in 2021. While it will probably first appear as protein shakes and yogurts its use seems virtually unlimited.

Solar Foods claims that Solein is 100 times more climate friendly when compared to proteins made of plants or animals. With meat production being so costly in terms of climate change, habitat destruction, and antibiotic resistant illnesses, Solein can be an environmentally friendly protein alternative.

With the rising popularity of products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, there is already a growing market for this type of alternative protein food.

The project began in 2018 and the company has big plans, the rollout in 2021 and to be producing two million meals annually by 2023 according to WEF. By 2050, they hope to be feeding 9 billion people. Solar Foods is working on the approval process certifying its safety in the EU. It could be coming to a plate near you soon.

With the planet's population soaring to over 9.8 billion people by 2050 according to the UN, companies like Solar Foods will play a large role in feeding a hungry world. And as an added bonus, it gets rid of CO2 and that will help us meet our targeted climate change goals too.

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