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Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm

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The documentary Food Inc. made quite a splash when it came out in 2008, exploring the underbelly of America’s corporate controlled food industry. The film not only exposed a host of unsound corporate practices, it also shed light on the food Americans consume and its significant effects on the environment and physical health. While Food Inc. takes a candid and serious look at a growing problem, there are many individuals featured in the film who go against the grain, like farmer and author Joel Salatin.
Salatin heads up Polyface Inc., a family-owned, pasture-based, organic farm in the state of Virginia. On his farm all of the chickens, cattle and pigs roam free, using grass-based feed and natural fertilizer - no chemicals involved.
The spiritual and charismatic Salatin sees his work as redemption business: healing the land, food economy and culture. To that end, Polyface has a set of guiding principles that steer their business with values like community - meaning no shipping out food - or transparency, which results in an open door policy at the farm.
Joel Salatin and Polyface Inc. join a growing number of farms and movements that are energetically heralding an alternative approach to food and green living.

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