Why One Man Has Made it His Life’s Mission to Talk to Strangers

Robbie Stokes’ social movement to create unity and dialogue

Talking to a stranger on a train.

(GoodStudio / shutterstock.com)

What if parents started instructing their children to talk to strangers instead of staying away from them? That is the vision of Robbie Stokes who spearheads the new social movement I TALK TO STRANGERS [ITTS], which aims to unite diverse racial, ethics, political and socio-economic groups through conversation.  
At 26 years old, Stokes quit his promising job on Capitol to embark on a nine-month trek around the world, traveling to over 17 different countries and chit chatting with thousands. His documented experiences have been compiled into a Kickstarter funded documentary which has created more buzz about Stokes’ message of dialogue and peace. Creating a legion of folks dedicated to sharing and being more open minded, ITTS has expanded its activities to include a foundation that creates programs and partnerships based on dialogue. Stokes is the friendly face of the movement and tours extensively, spreading the message of basic connection and interaction as a way to turn folks from strangers into friends, and ultimately creating a kinder world. 

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