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kriticalmass merges volunteering, social media awareness and fundraising to support worthy causes.


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Move over Indiegogo and Kickstarter - kriticalmass is here, and it’s on a mission to power positive action around the globe. This new site is more than just a crowdfunding platform - it helps projects get support in all different forms. While some people might donate money, others can use their social clout to spread the good word, or even volunteer their own time. 
To take a live example, the Blue Marine Foundation is using kritical mass as a platform to promote their campaign to protect the ocean. To date, the organization has raised over 50% of its goal amount, recruited 19 out of 20 required volunteers, and garnered a full 100% of its target likes and shares on social media. With 40 days left on the campaign, the project is bound to be successful.
kriticalmass is easy to use and understand, and flawlessly integrated with social media options to maximize the chances of spreading great ideas. To further power projects, the site has teamed up with like-minded brands and investors who want to support innovative causes -  giving anyone with a campaign the opportunity to receive an extra boost to promote their good doing message.

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