One Woman Plus 3 Different Musical Instruments Equals Wow [VIDEO]

Mozart's Symphony gets a radical makeover by this talented musician and her solo ensemble

Sep 9, 2014

Learning how to play an instrument takes a lot of hard work and dedication. There are some folks who devote their lives to this very task, toiling away in an attempt to reach musical perfection. With that dedication also comes the raw natural talent or having “a good ear” for music.
This video shows a woman who has both – talent and hard work. Using a violin, a piano and a gu zheng (a Chinese plucked zither), the clip starts as she records a solo on the piano and then the gu zheng. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, the young woman picks up her bow and starts jamming to Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G Minor on the violin. You can tell she is thoroughly enjoying herself as she enters the musical zone. Mozart's Symphony gets a trendy updated sound as the bass filled rendition pumps along to its one woman instrumental trio. 

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