The Path to Fulfilling Your Dreams [VIDEO]

This video highlights 6 ambitious people who are overcoming their fears to pursue their passions in life.

May 3, 2015

To create this inspiring video, 11,000 people were asked: What stands between you and where you want to be?
When the crew at SoulPancake posed the question, they expected responses like: money, stress, lack of motivation, obligations and health. To their surprise, the resounding answer that raised to the top of the list?  Fear.
This clip highlights six people who overcame their fears - despite the odds - to accomplish their goals. One young man wants to become a professional boxer and got knocked out in the first round of his competitive career. While it'd be easiest for him to give up and put his boxing gloves away, he is determined to work hard, perfect his craft and fulfill his dream.
This uplifting video encourages people to stare fear in the face and to take the plunge for the things that they love, despite their reservations.  
The video ends perfectly with this wise line: People will often tell you “no” more than “yes.” Don’t accept the no.

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