The Pencil that Grows into a Plant

Sprout is an innovative twist on repurposing that transforms pencils into herbs

Planted pencil.

(Dimj /

When a pencil becomes too run down and small to use, it’s usually chucked in the trash. Well, the folks at Sprout had a different vision for what should become of pencil stubs – they created a pencil that contains seeds inside and when planted grows into delicious herbs! Each tip of the non toxic Sprout pencil contains organic seeds that only require soil, water and sunshine to thrive. There are 11 different herb varieties including basil, cherry tomato, mint and sage to name a few.  Sprout embodies sustainability to the fullest, not only with their product, but with directions on their site about how to make plant pots out of newspaper or how to compost. Sold online or in select stores in Europe, the innovative pencil is repurposing at its best.

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