Pencils of Promise Gives Children the Gift of Literacy

Making global education a reality


(Courtesy of Pencils of Promise / Nick Onken)

Every book lover knows that reading is fun. Allowing yourself to be immersed in a good text transports you to other worlds and lets your mind run free. 250 million children worldwide however, still cannot read - a fact that has nothing to do with their ability but sheer circumstance in lacking basic educational infrastructures. Pencils of Promise is an international nonprofit on a solid mission to change all that - and since their inception in 2008, they have already built 380 schools in developing countries led by an on-the-ground staff of locals from within each country. The teachers have been expertly trained and each student is given the educational tools and attention they need to flourish within their communities.

In addition to Pencils of Promise's extensive staff, the nonprofit hosts a community fundraising platform online that makes it possible for any individual to contribute by setting up their very own campaigns to create goals in building schools, teacher trainings and literacy technologies. The personal campaigns involve family, friends and co-workers with donations while also using creative tools - such as 'donating your birthday' as a way to fundraise in reaching your goals.

This global movement led by a take-charge group of passionate, committed go-getters has since planted the seeds of education for more than 30,000 students - and shows no signs of letting up.

Through partnering with local governments and communities, Pencils of Promise's ultimate goal is to use their literacy-focused model beyond the educational system - and into wider spread programs across the board to facilitate sustainable successes and maintenance in all facets of quality living across the globe.

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