People from Ages 0 – 100 Share What Makes Them Happy [VIDEO]

Joy across generations.

Feb 5, 2016

What happens when 100 people from ages 0 to 100 are put in front of a camera and asked the exact same question? Pure magic.

SoulPancake conducted this very experiment with the question “what makes you happy?” and condensed the responses in this touching two-minute video.

Young and old alike share the pure joy of building legos, eating gummy bears, watching Oprah, and seeing other people when they’re happy. And eight-year-old explains he’s happy when his mom tickles him, while a man of 68 expresses the joy of hearing his daughter laugh. Getting a good grade on a test makes a 15-year-old girl happy, while nothing makes an 80-year-old happier than a walk on the beach.

And just wait till you hear what the 105-year-old has to say about what makes him happy! (SoulPancake couldn’t find anyone aged exactly 100, but they did find a 105-year-old gentleman).

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