Perhaps There is More Water than We Thought

Miya delivers water efficiency solutions


Image from Flickr user Darwin Bell

Fact: by 2030 six out of every ten people will live in a city.
As the population of urban dwellers increases, so does the demand for natural resources – such as water.  More and more we hear about the shortage of drinkable water, but what if there is more water than we thought?  
According to World Bank estimates, more than 30% of the water pumped through urban distribution systems is lost, which is the equivalent of 2 million Olympic-sized swimming pools of discarded potable water each year! 
Miya, a good doing company that provides urban water efficiency solutions, is looking to change that statistic. In urban environments, drinkable water is lost due to leakages, old infrastructure, illegal connections, improper water pressure, bad metering (or none at all) and an array of other problems. Miya focuses on reducing water losses by assessing the needs, goals and budget of cities’ utilities. With that information, Miya tailors a plan to implement technology-based solutions that will yield more clean water, save energy and lower costs.
With more folks flocking to the metropolis, companies like Miya provide a necessary service by minimizing water loss and ensuring that there is enough clean water for all. 

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