The Photo Essays That Show Creativity Thriving in All Corners of America

One of Many highlights everyday makers in small cities throughout the United States

Sep 5, 2014

Local creator, chef and restaurant owner Martha Lou. Image from One of Many

An art gallery opening is one way of showcasing creativity, but photographer Wesley Verhoeve is focused on highlighting creation in some of the least expected places with his photo essays called One of Many. Armed with his camera and a story to tell, Verhoeve travels to one American city each month and immerses himself in the local community where he documents and features a wide range of makers from designers and engineers to chefs and illustrators. The focus here is on small business owners or creative independents that are thriving outside of major cities. One of Many aims to serve as a source of inspiration and as an impetus for those interested in taking that leap and pursuing their passion or craft.
The first of the twelve city tour takes us to 
Charleston, South Carolina where you’ll meet 84 year-old Martha Lou who is the chef and owner of the restaurant Martha Lou’s Kitchen as well as Cole Flodin an artisan metal worker. Next up on Verhoeve’s tour is Savannah, Georgia where you can expect to learn about a host of interesting and creative folks who are given the spotlight to shine their gifts and talents.

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