The Photography Project That Highlights Diversity and Pride

Photographer Kevin Truong's The Gay Men Project is as stunning as it is inspiring

Sep 3, 2014

Photo by Kevin Truong, courtesy The Gay Men Project

Gay photographer Kevin Truong knows all too well the struggles of growing up in the closet and feeling the challenge that he could not be his true self in the world. Now out and proud, the talented artist has created The Gay Men Project - a platform and resource for others who may not be as openly gay. The goal of Kevin's project is to bring together as many photos as possible of men around the world and the personal stories behind them. By creating a very visual account of a diverse range of men from different backgrounds, Kevin hopes that their words will inspire LGBT teens and adults who aren't able speak so freely about their sexuality.
What started as a class project at the Pratt Institute four years ago, has since turned into an international platform that has seen Kevin photograph and interview hundreds of men in over 40 cities throughout the world. Since raising $33,000 on Kickstarter, the passionate photographer has devoted all of his time to the cause and is always searching for fascinating people who want to share their story. The beauty of The Gay Men Project is that it features a diverse range of individuals and couples, all with their own unique tale to tell, imbued with the power to inspire others in a positive way. 

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