The Place Where Industry Experts Turn Their Time into Money for Charity

Read all about Greatest Good - the place where you can hook up with industry influencers and donate to a good cause at the same time

Jul 28, 2014

Screenshot from Greatest Good

Successful industry professionals often have a lot of valuable advice to give, but don’t always have the time or suitable outlet to do so. The Greatest Good is looking to change all that by giving influential experts the chance to share their expertise while raising money for important causes. The sleek website offers a platform for top influencers, known as advisors, to raise money by providing business advice and consulting for a fixed fee which they then donate to charity. The inspiring professionals include the likes of Toby Daniels, co-founder and CEO of Crowdcentric as well as Evelina Ozola, co-founder and Editor of FOLD. Individuals can book a session with an advisor on Google+ Hangouts for the grand sum of $250 per half hour. While the price may seem rather steep, all the money is donated to a worthwhile charity of the expert's choice. Another idea behind the fee is that the professionals are able to command the market value of their time, allowing charitable organizations to receive the maximum financial contribution available.
So there you have it - individuals gain invaluable advice from industry experts while advisors get the chance to volunteer their time to help others. Add to that the fact that nonprofits receive sizable donations to advance their missions, making everyone at Greatest Good a winner!

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