Preserving the Beauty of Parks with the Help of a Hashtag

Parks Project inspires the nature lover in all of us


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Cathedral Lake Yosemite National Park, California

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The United States is home to some of the most spectacular national parks in the world, and the folks over at Parks Project are doing their best to make sure future generations have the opportunity to appreciate their beauty.
Focusing on the '3 Ps' - Promote, Protect, and Preserve - the team of outdoor enthusiasts is on a mission to get people to explore the nature around them and support park preservation. What better way to do this than with a trusty hashtag. Nature lovers can use #radparks when uploading pictures of their favorite park to Instagram or Facebook as a way of sharing those beautiful moments that only Mother Nature can provide. By encouraging citizens to feel a part of public spaces and organizing volunteer days with a focus on education, Parks Project is empowering peopl to care about their environment in a proactive way that is relevant to today's world.
The Parks Project's very own online shop helps support organizations that work tirelessly to protect the parks that make up such an important part of the country's natural landscape.

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