The Professional Athletes Who are Saving Winter

Protect Our Winter is a nonprofit dedicated to curbing climate change

Skiing for the environment.

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When snow first falls, a magical and serene atmosphere is created, summoning a stillness and beauty that only Mother Nature can provide. But winters are shorter and snow is becoming scarcer as climate change is heavily impacting the seasons. Pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones saw the direct impact of climate change as more resorts and riding areas were being closed due to lack of snow. In 2007, Jones formed the nonprofit Protect Our Winters (POW) to mobilize the winter sports community to take an active stand in changing environmental policy and practices. Taking into consideration that snow-based recreation is estimated to contribute 67 billion dollars annually to the US economy and provide over 900,000 jobs, Jones’ initiative quickly started to gain momentum. The nonprofit focuses its efforts on educational initiatives, advocacy, public service announcements and empowering everyday citizens to get involved. These professional athletes who now double as environmental advocates are at the forefront of saving and preserving one of the most magical seasons of the year.

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