The Proper Way to Recycle Your Old Phone

e-Stewards responsibly recycles electronics.

Old cell phones to be recycled.

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In a fast growing technology culture, there are more electronic gadgets and computers than ever before. In fact, around 300 million computers and one billion cell phones are produced each year. But what happens to all these great electronics once they are not needed? Many of our old electronic doodads are simply thrown out; this can be proven to be dangerous as they contain toxic materials that are released when not properly disposed.
e-Stewards, a project of the Basel Action Network, was born out of the growing need to properly recycle e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
An integral part of the initiative is the e-Stewards Certification, a global program that certifies electronics recyclers, refurbishers and processors to dispose of e-waste while adhering to high standards of environmental responsibility and worker protection. Businesses in the public and private sector have jumped on board by using only e-Steward certified recycling services, but individuals can also get their recycling on by easily locating e-Stewards Recyclers in their area. [Source: e-Stewards]

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