Read All about It: This Newspaper's Words Save Lives

Sri Lankan newspaper Mawbima put mosquito repellent in its ink to help in the country's fight against dengue fever

Jun 25, 2014

Screenshot from YouTube

Sri Lankan national newspaper Mawbima not only uses words to educate and inspire, it also used them to save lives, literally. In order to help the fight against mosquito-borne tropical disease dengue fever, Mawbima infused the its ink with citronella essence - a natural and sweet-smelling insect repellent. The paper teamed up with ad agency Leo Burnett Sri Lanka to produce a newspaper whose every letter acted as a mosquito deterrent. Leading up to the special April 7 edition which coincided with World Health Day, Mawbima ran stories educating readers about how to prevent dengue as well as poster ads at bus stops coated in citronella to protect passengers. The campaign was a huge success and the newspaper's readership increased by 300,000, signalling a huge breakthrough in the country's efforts to have the last word when it comes to keeping their readers safe.

Check out this video for the full story:

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