Real Time Translation Brought to You by Skype [VIDEO]

One doesn’t have to be fluent in another language to hold an engaging conversation as seen by the Skype Translator.

Dec 23, 2014

One girl speaks English, the other Spanish - yet they are having a full on conversation, getting to know one another and sharing jokes. Their fluid communication is due to the newest addition to the Skype family, Skype Translator. Still in its early stages the Translator aims to be a bridge to other people and cultures, with the new technology translating in real time, allowing for individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings without any delays.
In this video, two classes used Skype Translator – one in Washington and the other in Mexico City. They played a game called “Mystery Skype” where each student had to guess where the other person lived. The rounds were quite short as the two girls caught on pretty quickly to each other's location, thanks to Skype Translator.
Currently, the tool only works in Spanish and English, with features that include an on-screen transcript of the call and instant messaging in over 40 languages. This technology stands to be a revolutionary way to enable people to communicate directly, enhancing the existing Skype in the Classroom, a portal for teachers and eager learners to connect with other students, instructors and experts from around the world. The Skype Translator will be rolling out new languages soon, and is inviting users to preview the new innovation and give it a whirl.

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