Reap the Benefits of Mindfulness With This Helpful App

Being mindful has never been so simple.

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We’ve all heard of the many benefits meditation can bring to our lives, so why aren’t more of us doing it on a regular basis? Truth is, beginning a regular meditation practice can be quite daunting, and the folks over at Stop, Breathe and Think know this, which is why they developed an award-winning app to give even the most skeptical among us useful tools to become more mindful.

The lovely looking app makes meditation manageable by providing an easy and short step-by-step guide for beginners on how to meditate. Acting as a personal meditation coach, before each meditation session the app asks users to close their eyes, take a deep breath and think about how their mind and body feel. After checking in, the user is then presented with a choice of short guided meditations that best suit how they are feeling at that particular moment. Users are then invited to check in after the meditation to see what impact it had on their mind body and soul.

Of course this level of close mentoring is just an option and more experienced meditators are able to simply explore the vast list of guided meditations that delve into themes such as connecting with the body, gaining resilience, healing and even getting a good night’s sleep. For those who prefer the standard silent meditation approach, there is a nifty timer that ranges from one minute all the way to four hours. These features all come for free, but paid subscribers get a wider choice.

Knowing that even the most keen mindfulness junkies have a hard time maintaining a regular practice, SBT allows users to easily track their progress and hands out some super cool stickers along the way when certain milestones are achieved such as meditating for a specific number of days in a row.

As if this wasn’t all cool enough, SBT was born out of Tools for Peace, a non-profit dedicated to teaching the skills of mindfulness and meditation to inner-city teens and the app continues to share 10% of all net revenues to further the non-profit’s mission.

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