Recipes Packed With Natural Ingredients to Fight the Common Cold

Stay healthy naturally with Mother Nature's cure for a cold.

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With winter season drawing upon us, it's not unusual for a dose of the common cold to attack. During this time, it becomes more important than ever to fuel our bodies with vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system

Rather than stocking up on prescribed medicine, explore what our earth has to offer first. Nourish yourself back to health and heal your body with mother nature's natural remedies. Take a look at these 4 easy, home-made recipes to say goodbye to that nasty cold and hello to good health. 

Immune Boosting Buddha Bowl

Have fun creating your own colorful, highly nutritious Buddha Bowl packed with superfoods to give your immune system all the wonderful vitamins and minerals it needs. Combining a mixture of leafy greens, whole grains, and protein topped with a citrus dressing provides the perfect recipe to fight your flu.

Spinach and kale are wholesome superfoods loaded with vitamin C and E to protect you against viral infections. By adding a mixture of Quinoa and Edamame you can enjoy a plant-based source of protein and antioxidants. Finish off your bowl with a drizzle of citrus dressing, as well all know how mighty Vitamin C can be at fighting viral infections. Try out this healing Buddha Bowl recipe to prevent and relieve your symptoms.

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Flu Fighting Soup

A warming blend of coconut milk, seasonal vegetables, and healing spices such as paprika, chili, and cayenne pepper is exactly what the doctor ordered when you feel a little under the weather. These tasty, antibacterial ingredients encourage the release of any blockages in your nasal passage. By adding garlic and ginger, you can enjoy anti-inflammatory benefits, opening up your airways and allowing you to breathe freely again. Have a go at this healing homemade spicy soup by Dale Pinnocks as a quick cure for a cold.

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Cold Busting Smoothies

Smoothies provide the perfect way to pack all of your favorite natural ingredients into one meal. You can blend a variety of healthy fruits and nutrient-rich vegetables to fuel your mind, body, and soul. Top tip for those who don't enjoy spinach: all the other good-tasting ingredients such as berries and coconut water will overpower the flavor so pack a small handful in there for those nutrient-rich vitamins.

Choose from an on-the-go bottle or get more creative with a home-made smoothie bowl. Cold curing ingredients include Apple Cider Vinegar, elderberry syrup, and any source of citrus. Add your favorite toppings for extra nutrition. Crushed almonds or raw coconut shavings works a treat! Wave goodbye to your cold with this delicious smoothie bowl recipe.

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Golden Milk Chai

Fight your flu the Ayurvedic way with this soothing blend of turmeric, milk, cinnamon, and ginger. Also known as 'Golden Milk', this warm infused remedy can do wonders for your cold symptoms. 

The Sanskrit word for turmeric is Kanchani, meaning the “Golden Goddess". This traditional Indian ingredient has been used for centuries for its powerful healing properties. Ayurveda strongly believes in this magical ingredient as a natural healer. We all know how comforting a big mug of tea can be when you're not feeling so great. So if you are suffering from a nasty flu, give this quick and easy chai recipe a go to fight off infection and boost immunity. 

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