Relax Your Soul and Spirit on Europe’s Most Beautiful Beaches

These are 7 of the most unique beaches in Europe.


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It’s swimming season! As the months change from May to June and the weather shifts from cloudy and rainy to hot and humid, beaches start to fill with holiday-goers seeking to relax and find calm among the sun and sand. While there’s no dearth of pristine beach destinations globally, Europe in particular is packed with coastlines featuring warm water, golden sands, beautiful views, and exciting watersports. These are seven of Europe’s most charming and interesting beaches.

Jastrzębia Góra -Poland
When vacationers picture Europe’s beaches, they often focus on the Mediterranean Sea or maybe the vast Atlantic Ocean. But, The Guardian, urges beachgoers not to miss out on the silky sands or the quaint views of Europe's northern waterways.  Jastrzębia Góra, a Polish village situated on the Baltic Sea offers unique views including cliffs and pine forests that abut soft white sands and turquoise waters, making this small seaside village a top European vacation destination.

Ölüdeniz Beach - Turkey
Turkey’s Ölüdeniz Beach, also known as the Blue Lagoon is crowded, but worth it, reports Forbes. The beach is thus named for the crystal clear and calm waters of the lagoon that sit placidly off the edge of the Mediterranean Sea's rocky coves. 

Ölüdeniz Beach is located on a strip of land that nearly encircles the lagoon, keeping the lagoon’s waters clear and tranquil. That makes it a top destination to soak up sun and enjoy the view. But, the popular holiday spot is also packed with watersports amenities ranging from scuba diving to boating to paragliding. 

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Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach - Malta
Although it’s one of the smallest countries in the world, Malta offers some of the best vacation destinations. The Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach, situated in the Mediterranean Sea midway between North Africa and South Italy was ranked as a Best Destination to Dive in Europe and one of the top places for family holidays.

What makes this beach so beautiful and unique are its stately cliffs and large number of amenities and activities for tourists. The beach is within view of Malta’s colorful capital, Valletta, as well the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Gozo and Comino and Malta’s own crystal-clear Blue Lagoon. 

Additionally, Mellieha boasts cafes and restaurants, hotels, ferries, horseback riding, snorkeling, and dozens of picturesque hikes. It’s a great option for those seeking recreation, rest and relaxation, or those who want to immerse themselves in nature. 

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Durdle Door Beach - England
Moving away from the Mediterranean, Durdle Door can be found off England’s southern coast, on the English Channel. Travel + Leisure shares the reason this beach is so well-known  —apart from its pebbly sand and rolling green hills, and chalk cliffs, the coastline features limestone formations.

The fascinating formation takes the form of a massive stone arch that tourists can swim and hike next to. With fascinating views and picturesque hikes, this is a must-visit spot for anyone vacationing in the United Kingdoms.

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Trpejca Beach - North Macedonia
Trpejca Beach is a hidden gem, shares The Guardian, located not on the ocean or the sea, but in the landlocked Lake Ohrid, a deep, and fascinating waterway that straddles the Balkans. Trpejca beach is a good place to get away from it all. Nestled in North Macedonia’s scenic mountains, the beach is a hidden treasure, quiet, with calm, clear waters.

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Calpe Beach - Spain
Located off Spain’s east coast, in the Mediterranean, and less than 200 miles from North Africa, Calpe Beach sits nearly at the crossroads between two continents.

Although Calpe Beach has the golden sands and crystal-clear warm waters that the Mediterranean is known for, Forbes reports that what makes this beach so prominent is the “Penon de Ifach,” A massive, eye-catching stone outcrop covered with plant and animal life. Calpe Beach features both hiking and water activities.

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Reynisfjara Beach - Iceland
Nestled in the chilly North Atlantic, Reynisfjara Beach doesn’t have golden sands and its waters are too cold to swim in, according to Travel +Leisure. However, this beach should still be on the list of holiday-goers who seek the exotic.

Reynisfjara beach boasts eerie cubical basalt formations and striking black sand beaches that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. For those vacationing in Iceland, skip the bathing suit, but take the time to hit the beach.

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