The Restorative Sound of Silence

Being quiet and still can be revitalizing.

Happy woman sitting in a field of daffodils.

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In a noisy world, the sound of silence is a gentle friend. A resource available to all, silence is rarely embraced, especially in modern, urban settings. Quiet relaxes, restores, and helps you to reconnect with your inner self. 

You may be so used to sounds, you hardly notice them. The average person wakes up to an alarm and then turns on the radio or TV. Outside, planes roar, cars honk, and ambulances wail. It is no surprise that the word “noise” is derived from the Latin word nausea. In fact, excessive noise can actually reduce cognitive function and lifespan, and put you into stress mode, according to The Pulse.  

It is time to tap into silence, a necessary and forgotten natural resource that is so simple to access. And it is free! Just setting aside 30 minutes a day for pure silence is healing.

Shut off your phone, turn off the music, and spend time alone. Akin to meditation, this precious time allows your brain to revitalize cognitive functions including creativity. The silence will also help you to quiet down inside and reconnect with your inner self.

In fact, a study from Heart showed that even though relaxing music can positively affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, silence is ideal. When participants were exposed to a silent pause after listening to meditative music, increased relaxation was observed.

Silence can also generate brain cells, according to a study published in Brain Structure & Function. Researchers discovered that two hours of silence daily led to neurogenesis in the hippocampus.

Silence may also assist in self-reflection, according to Lifehack. When surrounded by silence, your consciousness has more freedom to process information, both internal and external. This can lead to better decision making and more acute self-awareness.

Excessive noise can have the opposite effect. A World Health Organization report suggested that one in three people lose a whole year off their life due to noise. And this has been linked to heart disease, tinnitus, sleep loss, and high blood pressure, according to The Pulse.

Although many find silence to be empty and boring, it is a gift and a rare commodity like gold. Try to remove yourself to a place of pure silence and simply be with it. When you embrace it and let it fill you, you are open to healing and wellness. 

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