A Retirement Home for Elderly Cats and Dogs [VIDEO]

This sanctuary provides a loving ‘forever home’ for senior citizen pets.

Sep 7, 2015

Sher Polvinale is the Director of House with a Heart, a pet sanctuary in Gaithersburg, Maryland that takes in senior pets whose owners passed away, moved to a nursing home, or simply couldn’t care for them anymore. Many of the sanctuary’s residents also have medical conditions, such as respiratory ailments or cardiac problems, which leave them with little chance of being adopted.

In the video, Sher cradles Spencer, a 12-year old dog who has had multiple dental surgeries and a spine infection. Wearing her vest with the sanctuary’s proud slogan, “Love Lives Here,” Sher speaks about the donations, support and volunteers that helped make Spencer’s recovery possible.

House with a Heart is also committed to ensuring that their residents have a dignified death, providing love, care, and companionship until the very end. This tear-jerking video featuring staff with unwavering dedication, highlights a special lesson: that it’s never too late to find your forever home.

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