Ringing in the NASDAQ Bell - Good Deeds Day Style

David Arison kicks off Good Deeds Day by ringing in the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange

Mar 15, 2015

David Arison ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ in honor of Good Deeds Day. Used with permission

The annual global celebration of Good Deeds Day will take place on Sunday, March 15 in communities all across the world. To officially mark the occasion on Friday, March 13, David Arison, VP of Global Business Relations at Miya, closed the trading day at the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ) in honor of Good Deeds Day. David Arison is the son of Good Deeds Day initiator Shari Arison, and represents the Arison Group.

Accompanied by dozens of representatives from both social organizations and business companies, David Arison sent a call to action for the business community to join and take an active part in Good Deeds Day, and raise awareness. “I believe that community engagement and involvement should be at the core essence of any business. Companies can leverage their business activity to bring added value to the communities in which they operate,” said Arison at the NASDAQ.

This year, more than 900,000 people will participate on Good Deeds Day 2015 taking place in 58 countries across the globe, including its capital Italy, USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, India and Panama. There is still time to get involved and be a part of Good Deeds Day 2015!

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