Robotic Pets Bring Joy to their Owners

Technology brings companionship and enhances lives with robotic pets

Senior woman cuddling a pet cat.

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Happiness and joy can be found in many places. Some people find joy in their family and relationships, others in their job, and still others in the little things in life like a sunrise or a colorful flower they saw on their daily walk. According to the NIH News in Health newsletter, owning a pet can also be one of those things that brings joy to a person’s life.

Living with a pet could help decrease cortisol, a stress-related hormone, and may even help lower your blood pressure. Pets can uplift their owner’s spirits and bring companionship, love, and beautiful memories to those around them. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, bunny or any little furry creature you have chosen to bring into your home, pets are good for you. And now, there is a new type of pet option available, robotic pets.

What are the benefits of robotic pets
What is a robotic pet, you may ask? A robotic pet is a robot designed to look and feel and act like a pet such as a cat or a dog, according to PsychCentral. These robots are not like a toy you would purchase for a child, they were actually created for adults that are unable to have or care for a real pet on their own. 

Pets provide elderly people companionship and help to combat loneliness.  But not everyone is able to due to mobility or memory issues, taking a pet on a walk or remembering to feed them can be challenging, according to PsychCentral. That’s where a robotic pet can be very useful

The big question is, can robotic pets give their owner the same benefits that a real pet can? According to the Department of Senior Services in Fairfax County, Virginia, the answer is definitely yes.


Some of the owners of a robotic pet bond with their pet and get to cuddle it while watching television, while reading and while they are resting. It is similar to having a real pet without having to feed or walk them, which can be challenging for some elderly people.

Helps dementia patients
While it’s clear that seniors can benefit from robotic pets, this is especially true of people with dementia, according to PsychCentral.  

A 2021 study, published in Issues in Mental Health Nursing, found that participants with mild dementia benefited from therapy with robotic pets. After 12 sessions, the participants' moods had improved, and 50 percent showed improvements in their ability to pay attention and hold conversations.

According to PsychCentral, other people who are undergoing physical or mental  health treatments could also benefit from having a robotic cat or dog that they can bond with and robotic pets can be used in hospitals and schools.

Thanks to technology, these people can experience the moments of joy and happiness that pets bring into their lives..What a beautiful win-win. 

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