Searching for Quiet in Your City? There’s an App for That

Navigating the sounds of silence

Jan 2, 2014

Image: Screenshot of Stereopublic

If you live in a bustling city, finding oases of quiet can be hard to come by. Enter Stereopublic, a crowdsourcing app to locate peace and serenity in the midst of city chaos. Created by sound artist Jason Sweeney, Stereopublic is a participatory art project that lets people navigate their cities for quiet spaces. Users can take audio and visual snapshots of their silent nooks, share them with their social networks or go on an audio tour.  Folks can even request an original composition by Jason Sweeney in which their quiet space’s recordings are used.
Urban centers have been in the spotlight these days, and Stereopublic, a project of the TED Prize winning City 2.0,  is softly and calmly becoming an audio database of worldwide quiet.

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