Share Your Acts of Kindness on This Map and Inspire Others to Do Good

The Global Good Deeds Map lets you log small good deeds, good deeds someone did for you, and time you spent volunteering.

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(Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash)

One good deed often leads to another. Especially if you can share your good deed in a place where other people can be inspired by it to do good too.

That's exactly what happened when the Global Good Deeds Map was launched in Israel last year as a partnership between Good Deeds Day and Ynet, an Israeli news site. People were able to use the interactive map to log their good deeds in their locations. Good deeds were posted by 749 people last year.

Some of the good deeds were about organized volunteering. Tabtale packed food for underprivileged families. A person picked oranges to be given to food insecure families. Racheli is a volunteer in a kindergarten and she established a training course to teach the children about road safety rules.

Many were small simple acts of kindness like Shaked who reported thanking the bus driver every time he got on or off the bus. Another person picked oranges to give to people who are food insecure. Another gave flowers to patients in the hospital in Beit Levinstein and Tami helped out at a pet adoption day for a rescue organization.

There is even an icon to log in good deeds that someone did for you like a random stranger who carried a heavy package home for one woman or the group of boys who helped a senior community plant a communal garden. One person wrote in about a man who volunteers his time helping new immigrants learn Hebrew.

The Good Deeds Map was so successful that it has been expanded worldwide and is available in three languages.

Creating a worldwide platform adds a greater sense of unity to the worldwide Good Deeds Day movement and is a way to keep the spirit of doing good alive year-round.

This year, International Good Deeds Day will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2019, and registration will open on January 21, 2019. Don't forget to log your good deeds on the map, you never know what act of kindness they can inspire.

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Goodnet was initiated by Shari Arison and is operated by The Ted Arison Family Foundation. Shari Arison is also the initiator of Good Deeds Day. 

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